Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Groundhog's Garden Grew by Lynne Cherry

Title: How Groundhog's Garden Grew
Author: Lynne Cherry
Copyright: 2003
Scholastic Inc., NY.
Grade Level: 3-5
Genre: Fiction

Theme: Agriculture, Seasons, Thanksgiving

This book is about a groundhog who enjoys eating fresh vegetables he finds in his neighbors garden, until a Squirrel comes along and teacher the groundhog how to plant his own vegetable garden. The Squirrel tells the groundhog that he needs seeds, and they get to work fast collecting seeds and planting them into the ground. After they finish planting the seeds, they wait until the spring to see the results. The Squirrel explains to the groundhog that they need to cover the seeds with dirt, water the seeds and that there must be plenty of sunlight for their seeds to grow into vegetables. The Squirrel also has a garden of his own that he decides to show the groundhog. As days pass, the groundhog takes care of his garden and once the vegetables grow fully, the groundhog decides to invite his animal friends and he throws a feast for them to show that he is sorry for eating their vegetables when he didn't have his own garden.

Pre-reading Activity:
Talk about what people need to do to grow and maintain a garden. Talk about what it means to be a good neighbor.

Post-reading Activity:
Ask the children what they've learned, and talk about what happened in the story.

This simple story can be enjoyed by the young and also, the elderly. It is a fun book, with beautiful illustrations of animals and the garden. It can teach young learners many things, such as not stealing from others, achieving something by trying your hardest and not giving up and also what you might need in order to have a sucessful garden. I think I liked the pictures more than the story since I am an artist and the pictures were simply amazing. I also think that this book could be used in a science or history classroom, because it has to deal with nature. The book is great for any elementary grade because the teacher can introduce this book and teach the children how plants grow.

About the Author:
Lynne Cherry was born in Philadeplphia on January 5th, 1952 and she begun her career in children’s literature as an illustrator in 1976. She is an author and illustrator for over thirty award-winning children's books. Lynne has earned her B.A. degree at Tyler School of Art and her M.A. in history at Yale University and she enjoys writing books that teach children how to have respect for the democratic society. She believes that if children believe strongly in something, then they can change the world. Lynne is an environmental activist and cares deeply about the natural world.


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