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Froggy's First Kiss by Jonathan London

Title: Froggy's First Kiss
Author: Jonathan London
Illustrator: Frank Remkiewicz
Copyright: 1998, Scholastic Inc., New York.
Theme: Valentines Day

This is a story about a frog named Groggy who falls in love with another frog, whose name is Frogilina. He stares at her all day, sits with her at lunch and gazes into her eyes whenever he gets a chance. One day, Frogilina gives Froggy a kiss, and he runs away embarassed. The other frogs make fun of him and teast him on the bus. When he gets home, his mother asks him what is wrong but he doesn't tell her. When she asks him if he made a valentines day card for someone special, he tells her that she is that special someone in his life.

Pre-Reading Activity:
Have children make a card for someone special. Have them write one or two lines about why that person is special to them.

Post-Reading Activity:
After reading the book, give each child an envelope to decorate and help them send or give their cards/letters to whomever they wrote them for.

This is a very sweet book. Froggy has a crush and it's so cute, because he can't stop starring at Frogilina. Everyone has had a crush or a few in their lifetime, and reading this story makes me laugh because it reminds me of when I was a young child and having crushes on movie stars or boys in school. I'm sure everyone can relate to this book, and it's a fun book to read to younger elementary children. After I read this book to the Pre-Kindergardeners, they laughed and kept saying "eww" during many parts of the book, but they definitely enjoyed listening to the story. I would read this story during Valentines Day.

About the Author:
Jonathan London was born on December 5, 1978, in Brookyln, New York. He was a "navy brat". He is an American film writer and director. He lives in Northern California with his family. He writes about things he has seen and done, and things he's had dreams about. Most of his stories are about nature and wild things.

About the Author
Printable Valentines Day Cards = )

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