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Flip and Flop by Dawn Apperley

Title: Flip and Flop
Author: Dawn Apperley
Copyright: 2001, Scholastic Inc., New York.
Grades: Kindergarten
Genre: Fiction
Theme: Friendship, Family

This story is about two penquins, Flip, who is five and Flop, who is two. Whatever Flip does, Flop wants to do it too. One day Flip decides he wants to play in the snow with one of his buddies, which leaves poor little Flop out in the cold. Flop wandered off and started playing Boomba, a made up game all by himself, when a little bear named Hop came along. They played this game together until they were reunited with Flip, Flop's brother, and Hip, Hop's brother. They made up a new game that they can all play together.

Pre-Reading Activity:Before reading this book, a teacher can play follow the leader with her students. Also, teacher can have students come up with their own game (maybe in the snow, during winter time). They can write down their story or orally present it to their classmates.

Post-Reading Activity:Students can share their stories about their siblings or friends and talk about what games they like to play in the winter. If they'd like they can draw pictures or write a story about it to share with the class.

This is  avery sweet book. It reminds me of my childhood and how my little sister would always follow me around and want to do everything I was doing. At first, I remember thinking it was pretty cool but then it started becoming more and more annoying, because I didn't want her to be just like me. I remember she used to repeat everything I used to say and she used to do everything I used to do, and sometimes I think it was only to make me angry. The reason I think this is because she used to tell me "I do it just to make you angry". Ha ha ! Anyways, this story is most likely written for younger children, but I'm sure it can be used in early elementary grades as well. It's sweet to see how to siblings get along so well, and that they are there for each other. it's also nice to see that they can have friends of their own, and that they can all get along so well.

About the Author:
Dawn Apperley wanted to generate some colorful and fun books for younger children. Her books are deep in color and very fun to look at and share with others. Dawn lives in London, and there she works full time as a creator of children's books. She writes and illustrates all of her books herself.

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