Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flower Garden by Eve Bunting

Title: Flower Garden
Author: Eve Bunting
Illustrator: Kathryn Hewitt
Copyright: 1994, Voyager Books, Harcourt, Inc.
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Grade: 2 - 6
Theme: Spring, Mothers Day, Birthday , Flowers

Summary: This simple, rhyming book is about a young girl buying flowers and saying how these flowers would look beautiful no matter where they are placed, whether it be on a bus or in a shoppingcart. She carries the flowers up the stairs and she places these flowers in a window box high above the street, where all the peopel walking along can look at them and smile. In the end we find out that her flowers are a surprise gift for her mothers birthday.

Pre-Reading Activity:This book could be read sometime before mothers Day, and the kids could plant their own flowers for their mothers. (This should probably be done a week or two before Mothers Day).

Post-Reading Activity:Make a card for Mothers Day or write a poem for your mother. Also, do a theme on Flowers or Spring, and talk about different types of flowers we would see in our state or in the world. Talk about favorite flowers, their smells, the way they look ...etc.

This is a very simple book, and it can be read to just anyone. I would suggest reading it before or during Mother's Day or during a lesson on Spring. It's beautifully illustrated and written, and it's very short. When reading this story I can't help but feel happy, because happiness is portrayed through these flowers that this little girl is carrying for her mother. Also, I think it's a wonderful book to introduce in the Spring, and then go into a lesson about different types of plants and flowers.

About the Author:
Anne Evelyn Bunting, better known as Eve Bunting was born on December 19, 1928 in Ireland, and in 1958, she moved to California with her husband and her three children. She grew up with storytelling in Ireland. She is an American author who has writen over 250 books. Writing for Publication Class at her junior college is where it all started. She was eager to write, and she has to many tales to tell. She mentioned how she writes for all children and for all ages. She also offers a lot of diversity in her books. Eve Bunting has also taught many classes, and she has won numerous awards for her books. She has also been listed as one of the Educational Paperback Association's top 100 authors, due to her popularity of her books.

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