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Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth by Alison McGhee

Title: Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth
Author: Alison McGhee
Illustrator: Harry Bliss
Copyright:2004, Harcourt Books
Grade Level: K - 3rd grade
Theme: Teeth, First day of school.

Summary: A first grader is terrified when she hears that he new teacher is a 300- year old alien who steals baby teeth. She dicedes to miss out on all the fun activities and songs they do in class, because she was warned by a second grader to keep her mouth closed so the “alien” doesn't steal her wiggly tooth. She fears the treat box. One day when her teacher asks if anyone has a loose tooth, the young girl opens her mouth and her tooth comes out. Her teacher gives her a prize out of the treat box, and the young girl realizes that the teacher is very nice, and not an alien who steals baby teeth.

Pre-Reading Activity:
In Kindergarten, explain to kids what they should expect in first grade. Tell them all the exciting things they should look forward to and ask them if they have any questions. Also talk to them about their baby teeth and what happens. This way they will not worry and will know the truth.

Post-Reading Activity:
Have children illustrate Mrs. Watson, or their first day of school. Have them explain to you what they drew and why.

After reading this book I remembered all the emotions I went through before going into first grade. I was excited and nervous at the same time. This little girl is so nervous and scared because she hears stories from others = something we all have experienced before I'm sure. It's a funny book because she tries to hard not to speak or open her mouth and in the end her mouth opens and her tooth falls out. Any person who is a parent can appreciate this book, and especially teachers who usually have a few shy children in their class.

About the Author:
Alison McGhee writes for all ages and in all form. She writes poetry, novels, picture books, essays ...etc. Her books are very popular with critics, and she was also a Pulitzer Prize nominee and a number one New York Times bestselling author.
“Her many awards include four Minnesota Book Awards, the GLCA National Fiction Award, Friends of the American Library Award, Gold Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Award, ALA Best Books for Children, and Parents' Choice Award, and a City Pages Artist of the Year award.”
She is an associate professor of creative writing at Metropolitan State University. She coordinates the creative writing program there. She has also taught at many other colleges and universities, and she also teaches privately with her fellow writer-teacher, Brad Zellar.

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