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Russell and the Lost Treasure by Rob Scotton

Title: Russell and the Lost Treasure
Author: Rob Scotton
Copyright: 2006, Scholastic, INC., New York.
Grade Level: 2
Theme: Treasure Map, Little things count

Summary: This story is about Russell the sheep who gets distracted by a passing crow carrying a treasure map while performing his triple somersault. After much banging and scattering, Russell decides that he will look for the Treasure of Frogsbottom, and he sets out for an adventure. He searched everywhere. Up, down, and all around, and went into a hole at the bottom of a tree where he found a chest. Once he opened the chest, he found useless stuff in it along with an old camera. Even though he seemed very upset at first, he decided that he can have fun with the camera. He took pictures of everyone he knew and he put them into a book, that he called his Best Treasure Ever.

Pre-Reading Activity:
Draw a picture of a treasure chest. Talk about things you would want to see in there. What would you want in that chest that you would consider treasure.

Post-Reading Activity:
Add one more thing to your treasure chest picture, and explain why you chose to add this thing. Share with others.

I liked this book a lot because it showed that simple things can be nice too. Just because Russell the sheep didn't find the treasure he was expecting, does not mean he didn't find a treasure. The camera he found gave him an opportunity to take pictures of his loved ones and of his friends, and he was happy to put those memories in a book that he made. It's something anyone can relate to. People will always have high expectations, but it doesn't mean they won't get excited over soemthing simple and small. Simple things do count! I think this was a very sweet book, and it showed how little things can make some people very happy.

About the Author:
Robert Scotton is an author and illustrator of children's books. He lives in England, with his wife Liz, who is also an artist. He is also the author and illustrator of Splat the Cat.

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